You guys are probably sick of lollipops by now! Well, not sick of lollipops, because who could ever be sick of lollipops? but sick of me talking about them! :P So today I’m going to post a different type of candy! :) This is one I’ve never tried but my friend Emily had one at a bachelorette party once and she said it was good. Plus it looks really yummy! Here it is...
A marshmellow penis! It’s covered in sugar so it’s just like those marshmellow peeps you used to get at easter! Well, not just like them. It’s not so innocent as a cute little chick :P They’re super realistic looking and they look really tasty too! :) I want to try one of these some time. I might just order one just to eat by myself! :P So if your bride likes peeps or marshmellows you should get a few of these. But I should warn you, don’t try to put them in smores! that probably won’t work very well, your penis might fall in the fire, and that’s never good hehe! :)

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