More lollipops! 08/20/2010
Like I said last time, there’s a loooot of penis-shaped lollipops out there. So many that I can’t cover them all with one post. So here’s a few of my favorites :) First, here’s what I have to call the dirty version of a ring pop… a penis lollipop on a ring :P

It’s got the convenience of a ring pop, and it comes in great flavors! :) What could be better? Maybe this all-day penis lollipop?
It’s not on a ring, but it is bigger than that last one! And we all know that size matters… at least when it comes to lollipops! :P This one’s pretty big, but I don’t know if it deserves to call itself an all-day sucker. I could see it lasting maybe an hour or two. Which is longer than most penises, hehe!

But if you want a real all-day sucker, here’s what has got to be the king of all the penis lollipops. What a weird honor :P Weighing in at almost one full pound and six inches long, presentingggg….
The Lollicock! This sucker is huge! Not to mention, it’s got a veiny, realistic design! Nothing can compare to this guy. This will keep you sucking all day long :P :) Maybe you should give this to the bride-to-be as a present at the end of the party, because there’s no way anyone could finish this in one night! :)


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