Guess what I’m going to talk about today? Well, you don’t really have to guess if you already looked at the title. :P  It’s mooooooore penis lollipops! This time they’re even sillier than before – oh yeah, it’s possible :P If you thought regular penis lollipops were silly enough, wait til you see these? Well, you’ve probably already seen them, if you scrolled down. But anyways!
First, there’s the crazy pecker pal! It’s all the raunchiness of a penis-shaped lollipop with the added silliness of arms and a little clown face! :) Isn’t he cute? I guess that’s not really something you want to say about a real penis though, hehe! :)

Then here’s another weird one. Remember the all-day penis sucker from last time? Well imagine if you took that and…
Tada! Turned it a bunch of different colors! It’s the rainbow penis lollipop! This one may not be as cute as the pecker pal, but it sure is just as silly! :) And more colors means more flavors, which is always good!

I’ve never tried either of these, but they look tasty! And if you’re looking for a really silly snack, I’ve never seen anything better! :)

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