Every girl I’ve ever met loves getting a nice bouquet of flowers, myself included. On the wedding day, the bride usually throws a bouquet for other girls to catch, and whoever catches it will be the next one to get married :) But for the bachelorette party, there’s a different kind of bouquet you can buy. It’s not flowers, and catching it probably won’t make you get married :P But it is another yummy treat you can buy for your bachelorette party: the penis lollipop bouquet!
There’s so much you can do with these! You can make them a center piece, add them to gift bags, or anything else you could do with flowers :) Plus, you can’t eat flowers, but you can eat these! :P They taste great, they’re funny, and they’re a neat and fancy addition to any bachelorette party. I love these! :) I think I’ll post about some other kinds of penis lollipops next time, there are so many out there!

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