Blog Archives - Bachelorette Party Candy
Hi guys! Sorry it’s been so long! So to make it up to you I’ll talk about two new types of candy today :) Both of these are really similar to some regular candy you probably know about. But the difference is that they’re shaped like penises, duh :P So here’s the first one!
Peppermint Peckers! These are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They’re breath mints shaped like dicks! These are kind of just like altoids. Not only are they pretty tasty (and penis shaped :P) but they’ll also freshen your breath! Which can come in handy especially if your bachelorette party is going out to the bar! Make sure you take a pack of these with you in case any of the girls need to freshen up real quick for any reason ;)
Now here’s another candy that’s kind of similar:
Dick Tarts! These are a lot like the mints but I think theyre more like sweet tarts or something and that’s why they have tarts in the name probably. These ones come in all kinds of different flavors, so they’re tasty little dicks! :) They select your flavor at random but I think if you order more than one you’ll probably get all different flavors, so if you want a bunch of different colored little penises to munch on you should do that :P So these are really tasty and fun! :)
In sadder news, I think this blog might be almost done. I’ve run out of ideas for candies to write about, and my niece’s assignment already ended a few weeks ago. But I’ll do something special for my last post, so be on the lookout for next time! :)
You guys are probably sick of lollipops by now! Well, not sick of lollipops, because who could ever be sick of lollipops? but sick of me talking about them! :P So today I’m going to post a different type of candy! :) This is one I’ve never tried but my friend Emily had one at a bachelorette party once and she said it was good. Plus it looks really yummy! Here it is...
A marshmellow penis! It’s covered in sugar so it’s just like those marshmellow peeps you used to get at easter! Well, not just like them. It’s not so innocent as a cute little chick :P They’re super realistic looking and they look really tasty too! :) I want to try one of these some time. I might just order one just to eat by myself! :P So if your bride likes peeps or marshmellows you should get a few of these. But I should warn you, don’t try to put them in smores! that probably won’t work very well, your penis might fall in the fire, and that’s never good hehe! :)