Munchies! 08/11/2010
Chocolate’s great, but it melts in your hand, so you have to eat it quick. Candy jewelry, you wear. Both taste great, but they’re not really candy you can just snack on. Want something yummy to munch on that you can grab a handful of and walk around with? Ok, here you go! :) Here’s two types of fruity penis candy I like.
The first one is hard candy. They taste just like sprees, but they’re penis shaped :) The second ones are gummies! I’m a big fan of the ones that are like sprees. I remember going to a bachelorette party once, when I was younger, and well let’s just say we all got the munchies :) I don’t know what we did after that… I guess I don’t really remember much about that night after all, haha! I do remember these little candies were great for the munchies, though! I almost ate an entire bag by myself though. :P good thing there were lots there! :) If you want something sweet to snack on for your bachelorette, definitely get these!


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