Candy jewelry :P 07/29/2010
Remember those candy necklaces and bracelets you used to wear when you were younger, before you got any real jewelry? Weren’t those fun? Well guess what’s back in styleee? That’s right! It’s penis candy jewelry! :)

There’s the necklace
And now here’s a new one that you definitely didn’t wear when you were a kid… the candy garter >: )
There’s no penises on it, but I think it’s already sexy enough without them :P This one’s my favorite. I gave these to a bride once to put on, and then we went out to the club. There was a guy at the club who came up and asked to eat them! It was a little creepy, but we all laughed about it afterward. These things will definitely get everybody laughing at some time during the night, as long as the bride doesn’t eat them first :)


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